Web3 Domain Names

WOW3 recognizes the significance of domain names (especially RNS domains on the Ronin Network) as a core element of Web3 identity. Here's what you can expect regarding RNS domains on our platform:

Displaying Your RNS Domain:

  • We proudly display your RNS domain alongside your wallet address, providing a clear and recognizable online presence.

Protecting Domain Identity:

  • To maintain a positive user experience, we have established rules regarding display names. Users cannot set usernames that mimic popular domain extensions like (.ron), (.eth), (.sol), etc.

Effortless Search by RNS:

  • Our search bar seamlessly integrates with RNS domains. Simply enter the exact RNS domain of the profile you'd like to find and connect with them on WOW3.

Benefits of RNS Domains on WOW3:

  • Enhanced Identity: Showcase your unique RNS domain alongside your profile.

  • Simplified Search: Effortlessly find fellow users by searching with their RNS domains.

  • Secure Environment: Our established rules safeguard user profiles from impersonation attempts.

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