Bundles allow you to easily manage any Ronin accounts or your accounts by grouping multiple accounts under a single category.

Benefits of Bundles:

  • Simplified Tracking: Get a quick, comprehensive overview with the summarized net worth of all accounts in a bundle.

  • Enhanced Organization: Group accounts by investment strategy, wallet, or any way that helps you analyze your holdings.

  • Sharing Made Easy: Share your bundles with anyone to showcase your investment strategies (view-only access for now).

Get Started with Bundles (Free):

  • Create up to 3 bundles, with 10 accounts per bundle (more options available with future VIP upgrades).

  • Customize bundle names and descriptions.

  • Add or remove accounts within your bundles.

  • View the summarized estimated net worth of all accounts in a bundle (excluding NFTs).

Current Bundle Functionality:

  • Portfolio Tab:This tab currently provides a summary view only for bundles. Filtering by individual accounts within a bundle is not available yet.

  • Activity & NFT Tabs:These tabs function the same as in the standard Portfolio page (filtering by one address at a time is required).

What's Coming Soon?:

  • Ability to follow other accounts' bundles.

  • Option to switch bundles between private and public visibility.

Start Organizing & Sharing Today! Head over to the new "Bundles" tab on WOW3: https://wow3.app/bundles and explore the power of organizing and sharing your crypto portfolio!

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