🤝Referral Program

Double the fun, double the rewards! The WOW3 Early User Campaign offers a unique referral program to help you and your friends climb the leaderboard together. Here's how it works:

Benefits for You (Early User Campaign Only):

  • 10% Bonus on Regular Points: By using a friend's referral code, you'll receive a 10% bonus, known as a boost point, on all your regular task points during the Early User Campaign. This bonus propels you further up the leaderboard! (Note: The bonus does not include referral points.)

  • Passive Points Boost: Every point your referred friend earns from regular tasks (excluding referral bonuses) during the Early User Campaign contributes 3% to your total points! This passive boost keeps you racking up points.

Benefits for Your Friends:

  • Get a Head Start: By entering your referral code upon signup (found in the Referral tab on the Contest page), your friend receives a 10% bonus on their regular task points during the Early User Campaign.

How to Participate:

  1. Find Your Code: Locate your unique referral code in the Referral tab on the Contest page.

  2. Spread the Word: Share your code with friends! Encourage them to join the WOW3 Early User Campaign.

  3. Friends Sign Up: Your friends enter your code in the Referral tab on the Contest page. Note: Once a code is entered, it cannot be removed.

  4. Everyone Wins! You both enjoy bonus points and a more rewarding WOW3 experience!

Important Notes:

  • Referral points exclude any boost points your friends might receive and points from them referring others.

  • Future WOW3 Campaigns: While the Early User Campaign referral program has these specific benefits, future campaigns might have slightly different structures for referral rewards. However, your list of referred users will still be recognized and potentially offer benefits in these future programs. We'll keep you informed of any changes for future campaigns.

Join the WOW3 community, invite your friends, and maximize your rewards together!

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