Asset Categories

WOW3 categorizes your Ronin Network assets into 7 sections to provide a clear breakdown of your holdings. This guide explains what each category represents and helps you visualize your portfolio distribution with a handy pie chart.

1. Wallet:

This section displays all the tokens currently held within your Ronin Wallet.

2. Staking:

Here, you'll find a summary of your staking activities on the Ronin Network, including assets like RON and AXS, along with the rewards you've earned. This section references information from platforms like RON Staking and AXS, Land Staking.

3. NFTs:

This category showcases all your NFT collections, encompassing NFTs obtained from Mavis Market and App.Axie.

You might see a slight difference in the number of NFTs displayed on WOW3 compared to Ronin Explorer. This is because NFT data on the Ronin Network can be quite large.

Our data is constantly syncing in the background. This is a known quirk of the Beta version, and we're working on a seamless solution.

4. Farming:

This section details the Liquidity Pools (LPs) you've utilized for farming purposes on Katana.

5. Liquidity Pool:

Here, you'll find the assets you've contributed to various liquidity pools supported by Katana.

6. Lending:

This category display all your DeFi lending and borrowing activities, including those facilitated through Metalend. Additionally, any staked assets on Metalend will be shown here.

7. Delegation (New on Ronin Network):

This section provides information on any NFTs you've delegated through Delegate Axie Infinity platform. As delegation is a relatively new feature on the Ronin Network, information in this category may be limited initially.

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